Designer Bio

Advertising Design—Knowing how to spend your advertising dollar can lead to a lot of sleepless nights. Chrome Design wants to help shoulder that weight. Do you have your target market clearly defined? Do you know what they like to feel, see, and hear? We do, Chrome Design will help you find the proper visuals and placement so your ad is in front of the right people at the right time.     

Website Design—A business without a website is like a car with out wheels. Chrome Design specializes in making your digital domain unique and appealing. Colours, textures, layout, placement and over all intuitiveness are the mainstays of a Chrome Design website.   

Marketing 101—Now that you have all new polished materials, the next step is to deliver them into the hands of your target market. At Chrome Design we ensure your marketing materials are delivered to your customers. We want your business to shine above the rest.         

Our Strength

Our Designer

Angela Jørgensen has been in the Communications field for over 15 years. Her passion for design and knowledge of the industry is why her clients seek her out and keep coming back. Both digital and print savvy she is able to create a marketing plan that best suits your business objectives to make your business shine above the rest. Whether a print campaign, an online campaign or perhaps both, Angela will ensure you have the best plan for your budget and potential customers will know your name.

Angela feels it's essential to have a work/life balance, so in her free time she's either training Taekwondo or hiking in the woods with her dog Loki. She also enjoys photography, relaxing with her bearded dragons (Hannibal and Castiel) while indulging in a nice cabernet sauvignon.

Logos—A logo says everything about your company in one little picture. You can't leave it to chance. From colour or combination of colours to shapes and size, we know every nuance to get the most message in to that picture. Everything says something, make sure you are sending the right message.   

Business cards—Your most important point of contact in the community. Business cards are a cornerstone of networking. Make yours stand out and be memorable, a business card says a lot about your company. Hand them one of our designs and make them think of you.

Posters—A picture is worth a thousand words, so a really big picture must be worth a million. Let us make a poster that gets you noticed across the room.

Brochures—Promote your business with effectiveness. An excellent brochure has a perfect balance between attractiveness and information. We will find the beauty and make a pamphlet that invites reading.